504 issue

Hi I have started the 504 process with Maddy’s school. However her counselor left a VM at home and I emailed her to schedule a time. This is the email I received from her:

I was hoping to get together with you to discuss your concerns with regard to Madison’s health .I would like a better understanding of her condition and your concerns. If a that time we believe the 504 is the best way to go. Then if we think a 504 is required we will have to meet with all of Madison’s teachers ,the nurse, the school psychologist and myself. This will have to be a 3:15 meeting because all of the teachers have different preps. Let me know a good time to just get together. I am here until 3:40 bun will stay later if I need to.

Is this cool? Or should I push for the 504 even if she doesn’t think its necessary? Help?
I scheduled a meeting with her for MOnday at 3:20.

Thank you! That means a lot coming from your perspective. Sometimes its hard to gauge how she feels or what its like from her point of view. :smiley:

I don’t know what a 504 is… however I would push. They don’t have any right to “determine” whether or not your concerns are valid.

C. Luis

Hello! If I were told my daughter didn’t need a 504. I would still push for it. She may not need it this month or the next but she may need it. Your her parent, you have to do what’s best for her. Your her only voice.


A 504 conference is a very frequent activity in k-12 schools. They have people, usually an assitant principal handle them and it is common they are done for everything form a broken leg to cancer cases.

Now haivng said that you have to weigh how much attention you wish to call to your daughter and what benefits she will get. The end result of a 504 conference will look something like this. All teachers will know she is diabetic. I bet they already do know this. Second she will be assigned to a nurse for treatment. She likely is already, and she will likely be given excused absences for testing, morning lows and highs and perhaps she will have some accommodation in gym class. She likely already has these or does not want them.

This can all be done with notes and procedures. Most parents of secondary students grades 6-12 do not require a 504 conference. Most k-5 students have a conference held if they us insulin. The exception is if they are having a significant issue. For instance is a teacher not letting her go for lows? are her grades going down? Is she experiencing some kind of depression? these would all be good reasons to hold the 504. If she has any of these call the 504. If not and if they accommodate her well, let it go, but reserve the rght to call one in the future.

Rick Phillips

Hi Rick,
We are still very new to Diabetes, and we have had days where her BS is all over the place. It always seems to happen when there is no nurse. As I understand it Diabetes falls under the guidelines as qualifying for a 504. I would like for her to have the ability to take tests at a later time if her BS is too high, She can’t even make a sentence if her BS is high. How fair is it to make her take a test? Also she is in an after school program that does travel. I would like for a few people to be trained on how to administer the glucagon shot if needed. Right now only the nurse knows how to do this. My Point was should she have to wait for 911 to come and then what if by that time she i already way bad? I have heard of it happening that fast? What about when she gets a pump and has major problems? I just want my child who does have special needs to be taken care of if needed. And we have every right for this. I don’t think a “Memo” will suffice in this situation. Maybe if we had this disease for longer than we have it might be ok. But we are still learning.

as an adult now with type 1, I would push for a 504 - there were times I really needed it and didn’t have one for a year.