504 Team Members - Back to School

I'm wondering what the composition of 504 teams is for different people. Who is on yours?

- Parent?
- Classroom teacher?
- Nurse?
- Principal?
- Who else?

All on your list, plus the counselor (who also serves as the 504 coordinator).

I'd go with parent, teacher, nurse, guidance counsellor, and then I'd want other people to be 'educated', but they don't need to be on the 504 team.


I am so new to all of this, but about a week ago the school asked me to meet with them concerning the 504 program. The school nurse was there, the assistant principal, the counselor, and my grandson's teacher as well as myself. I am the grandmother and caretaker. They suggested involving other school personal such as the PE instructors, one of the secretaries, and maybe others who might be interested. At his old school last year after being diagnosed they had promised to help him with his studies and such but never followed through; I am hoping thi school is different as he is behind and could use the extra boost.