544 and construction code of federal regulations class

Alright so today started out like any other, I woke up at about 7:45 and checked my blood which was 172 at the time and took my corrective bolus. I had a 9:30 class so I went to it, I noticed at the end that I was starting to feel a little tired. When I got home at 11 for lunch I checked again and was 250, so I’m like wait a minute something’s goin on here, I figured it was just an air bubble because my site didn’t look to be defective so I just took my correction for the 250. Well I waited for about 20 and checked again and I was 334, so immediately I knew that my site was bad without a doubt. Upon taking it out I noticed that there was blood inside of the canula. At that rate I figured that I should take my correction with a shot so I did and changed my site. Well once again I waited 20 minutes and checked again and I couldn’t believe my eyes it was 544!!! I haven’t had a number that high in years…like 3 years at least. So I’m really worried at this point, I took my correction with the pump this time and waited only about 12 minutes this time because of the rate I was going up at and by a miracle without a doubt i was 254. During all of this I had drafted an email for the professor of my 2:00 pm class stating that I was having extreme difficulties with my blood sugar control and that I would miss, but thank God I didn’t have to send it :slight_smile:

So sorry you had to endure this stress with BG so high, Michael. I can honestly say that, yes, I too have “been there and done that”. Maybe, like you, it turns out, 98% of the time, to be due to major problems either with the canula / bent like an L but no alarm to warn me, or, injection site into undetected scar tissue, etc. My latest attack on this problem re: scar tissue (abdomen) really works - believe it or not! I put a little dab of Neosporin on the old injection site every time I change out my pump insertion and insert a new one, and for good measure, rub a bit around the all area. Sounds a bit icky, but it seems to really be cutting down on this scar tissue problem. As for me, my record high was, unbelievably, 1198 (!!!) I ended up almost ‘going to heaven’ way too soon and that was last winter, when I was dxd. w/ t1 diabetes for 1st time.
Take care and hang in there. Hope things get easier.

Sorry to hear about this. How frustrating.

How are your blood sugars now?

Things have really improved since then, it was just a bad site. However, I do have these problems quite often because of my overall size. At first I thought it was something to do with the meds I had just been put on. Just the day before I went to the ER because of the pain I was having in my ribs. Come to find out I had torn some cartilage in there. Well they put me on 600 mg pain killers and gave me this huge friggin shot with like 200 cc of ‘stuff’ in it. I did ask them if either would affect my BG because of a previous expeience and they said no. sooooooooooooooo I’m rambling now but thank God its over with for now.