5543 C'Mon BBT

We need to get this done, there isn't too long left. We can do this, its a wonderful community and we can pull together and do this before time runs out.

It's now 5554, please give it a go.

I hope so Shawny, hope things are good with you over there, Winter has hit Ireland. I'm putting the children in too.

5709 now

6540 now, what day is it, it's the 3 November. Right are we gonna do this ?


I did 3 today, pushups/ weights, walked dog, then walked dog to school playground to do some chinups!

I’ve been doing it every day and have been really surprised at how few entries there are.

7005, the wee ones are swimming at the mo so I'll add them. I hope we can do this.

7016, off we go! I'll run later too, perhaps I'll run enough to need to test and get two BBT out of one run!

Good idea AR, I'm just going to walk until the deadline, no sleeping either, it will be interesting.

7096 talk about short term memory loss, everytime I see the number, I forget it two seconds later.

7109 memory improving.

Woohoo! 7500 and we get another blue sharpie tattoo! Today???

Yah, 7145. Getting there.

7169 - 24 in an hour. Still think we could get to 7500 tonight!

Gotta remember to check before I exercise today, usually manage to get two in a day. Have we got to 7500 yet?


We're already doing better than last Sunday, but given we have ONE MORE HOUR of time today in the US due to Daylight Savings Time kicking in, I believe we can easily fly past 7,500 today, passing the 8k mark tomorrow... this will bring us beyond the point we were at Nov. 14, 2011. From 8K and above is new territory for all of us, but we can do it!

7831, we will keep at this, it's up to us how this turns out.

9676 Whooooo hoooooo