For almost 5 years, I’ve been trying to get my A1c under 7. It finally happened! I must say that this is in large part due to ideas and support from this community!!! So THANK YOU!!!

I can say that the single biggest change that I made was bolusing 20-30 minutes before eating. Fast-acting insulin is not immediate acting insulin! :wink:


Congrats :slight_smile:
The same thing worked for me - either early bolusing or avoiding carbs. Both avoid the spikes, and avoiding the spikes seems to make the rest of the day SO much easier :slight_smile:

How good does 6.5 feel?!

Way to go Kristin! Are you in the states now?

Congrats! Glad all the hard work has finally paid off for you!

Great job, I know how much hard work goes into obtaining a number like that and thanks for reminding me about bolusing earlier for meals. :slight_smile:

way to go Kristin!!

hey congrats! and thanks for the wishes!

Congrats - just be careful - I had to use regular insulin for boluses for many years till the designer insulins came out - then you had to bolus an hour before meals to get good results - some of my worse lows were when I took my bolus and then got busy (at work or with my kids) and forgot to eat (or worse - waiting too long to eat & went into low blood sugar after eating - you know it will probably come up since you have eaten - but it still feels terrible.

Yes! It’s important to be careful with taking insulin early. This week, I took and it didn’t get ready for dinner in time. I went really low and blamed my husband for the delay in eating (it wasn’t his fault). So I am being a bit more cautious with this now… and rather waiting until everything is ready, then eating some salad or washing dishes until 15-20 minutes goes by. Carole, you are right that this can be a dangerous thing and can cause terrible lows!