6.8 too high to try?

I just went to the OB/GYN yesterday, and he seemed fine with me starting to try to get pregnant. My endo. said she wanted me to try to get my A1C below 6.5. I’ve been weaing a CGM and checking more than 10 times a day and it’s still at 6.8! It hasn’t moved since my last visit 3 months ago. I’m a teacher, so summertime is when I can really focus on stablizing my blood sugar. I’m waiting for the endo. to call me to talk about it, but I want to try to get pregnant anyway. I’m doing absolutely everything I can, so I feel like now is a better time than ever to try. I’ve also heard that my blood sugar levels may drop once I get pregnant. I feel so worried about it! Has anyone had issues with conceiving with an A1C a bit higher than 6.5?

I don’t think 6.8 is too high to begin trying, especially because you only have an opportunity to conceive once a month. In three months, you’ll have a lower A1c. I don’t think you should worry about. Enjoy “trying” all summer long!

Hi Kim,

Just so you know, my Hga1c was 7.1 when I conceived…my endo told me she wanted it to be below 7.0, and when I went to my endo to get the results she gave me the green light to start trying. I was a little worried, and when I asked her why she gave me the okay, she said there really wasn’t a difference between 7.1 and 6.9! I now have a healthy, happy 10 month old daughter :)…throughout my entire pregnancy the lowest I could ever get my Hga1c was 6.9 and that only lasted for a month! I had a great pregnancy with absolutely no complications at all!!! I would say you start trying :wink:

Good Luck and if you have any other questions please feel free to ask me!


My endo hesitantly agreed to let me start trying when my A1c was 6.7. Shortly after we conceived it was 6.5 and then it has been 6.2 and 6.3 since then. Some people say they saw sudden drops in A1cs once they were pregnant, but I never got below 6 (though I am still hoping that my A1c next week will be). But I managed to stay near 6 with very few lows and a blood sugar average between 95 to 120 throughout the pregnancy.

Rather than focusing on the A1c, I would try to make sure that you are not seeing high numbers, especially after eating (for most of us that is the hardest time). Check your numbers 1 hour after eating and see how high you are spiking. You want to get rid of those spikes by adjusting your doses or the timing of your insulin (taking it earlier) or by reducing the amount of carbs you eat at once. Use this time to figure out how to have the best numbers possible because those spikes carry a lot more emotional baggage once you are pregnant! But somehow the motivation to do everything possible to have good numbers is much easier once you really know that your child is counting on you!

Ha! I will! My endo. hasn’t called yet, but I’m thinking she would agree. I just know my numbers will change so much once we conceive.

It makes me feel so much better to know that you have a healthy baby, and you started above 6.5! I was just worried that it would be my fault if anything went wrong. I really don’t think .3 will make difference. I’d love to see a picture of your little one!

Thanks so much for your help! I’ll definitely take your advice on watching the spikes. I seem to spike right after breakfast and after exercising. I’m going to try adding more protein and less carbs for breakfast. Thanks for your response!

When I found out I was pregnant my a1c was at 6.7 and my endo was fine with that but after finding out I was pregnant he did want me to get it lower… but my endo just started cranking up my pump to the point where I did go low a lot now I’m 4 month pregnant and my a1c is 5.5. I have to see him every 2 weeks and he adjust my pump.

GOOD LUCK , I think you’ll be fine

I think its fine to try. My daughters were conceived when my A1c was right around that, and all was FINE… good luck! Keep doing your best with monitoring, and like Kristin said, just keep on those highs - if you are checking frequently (without going crazy), and you catch those highs, all will be well. Less worry is GOOD :slight_smile: for mom and baby-to-be!

Thanks for the encouragement, Jamie!

Yes, I think I need to try to work on not worrying so much. I’m going to look at my highs tomorrow. I wear a CGM and it’s too much information to look at all at once. I’m going to just start writing down my numbers and look spike patterns.

Hi Kim! Yes, after breakfast was my worst time as well. I do not eat ANY fruit, milk products, or cereal for breakfast. My breakfast everyday for the past year is 2 eggs (cooked differently), cheese, fresh veggies, and 25g of carb from whole grain toast (with butter). I need A LOT more insulin to cover this meal than any other meal of the day, but I was able to reduce the spike so that I don’t go above 140 one hour after eating. I think that this is in part because I eat a high protein, high fat meal.

My endo is much more focused on my blood sugars (especially after meal ones) than my A1c and I agree with that. There are other factors that may affect your A1c, but if your numbers are good, then great :slight_smile:

When i conceived my A1C was 7,3. Two months later it dropped to 6,1 and now i am waiting for another result, that i sure hope to be lower than 6.
I am almost 33 weeks now, my baby has no problems from what we saw at the ultrasounds, but i am having a little trouble with my placenta, which is starting to age (i am not so sure that is due to my diabetes).
Once you get pregnant,your control will be so tight and that your A1C will surely drop and your numbers will be great.
Good luck!!

Good luck with your pregnancy, too! You’re almost there!



I conceived at my highest A1C ever at 6.9 and 10 weeks in my A1C was 6.5 still working hard to lower it even further. I was told it is safe to conceive if your are under 7.0 so I’d say go for it!

Thank you so much for sharing your experience Amanda that makes me feel much better knowing I do not need to be “perfect” to have a healthy baby. What were your other A1Cs during pregnancy?
What did your baby weigh at birth?

You all have made me feel so much better! I’m sure I’ll have a billion questions for all of you once we do conceive. :wink:

We weren’t actively trying to conceive when we did. It was an "if we do, great. If we don’t, okay"
My A1c was at 6.9. I’ve gotten it down to 6.2 as of last check. I’m 8 months pregnant. No complications so far. As of last week, she measured 4 lbs 7 oz. Good luck!