6 months into it

This week, I had another three month check up with my Endo. I was dreading this to be honest, because despite my best of intentions, life has reared its ugly head. I was super motivated and really dedicated to making sure that I was testing regularly, getting exercise just about daily, and eating properly. I was getting good results.

But the stress of life kicked in, the weather got bad, and I fell back into my habits. My exercise level dropped below where I need it to be, my testing was erratic, but at least my eating was mostly on track. I had been losing weight and taking the metformin regularly, but I had missed a few doses and because of my reduced level of exercise, my weight had plateaued.

Overall, not good.

So, I went in and did my blood work as usual, expecting that my numbers would be bad or not nearly as good as last time (my A1C was 6.2%). I then got the emails back with my numbers.

I was very surprised when my numbers came