6 years on insulin

Just had an endo visit and my A1c is now 6.2%. That's about 10 points lower than it was six years ago (then it was above the upper limit they measured to- above 16%).

I am still on Lantus. Dosing in the evenings, and the dose has been 6-10 units for most of the year. Right now I'm at 8 units. Dosing with the pen means no half units.
I am now on Regular (Novolin R) with no Novolog. It's good stuff.

Today for the second time this year I left my Dexcom receiver on public transit. The first time I got it back from the lost and found; I sure hope that happens again.

I am having some problems with pain in my hands. The orthopedic surgeon scared me by saying it was carpal tunnel with diabetic neuropathy, but the OT, my endo, and my mother the MD all think the ortho made a bad call. So, so.

I was hypercalcemic with high vitamin D earlier in the year, and PTH was bottom of normal. But it has gone back to normal so who knows what that was.

My microalbumin readings not only dropped back down to normal (they did that two years ago) they are now undetectable.

I did not hit my goal regarding weight gain, but overall I think I gained weight. At any rate, I didn't lose weight this year. So that's good.

I had some weird episodes with really low heart rate (like, 42) but it went back to normal before I saw a doctor.

My hopes for next year:
- Well, I'd kinda like to break into the under 6% range of A1cs, but I dunno that that's gonna happen. Another year under 7% would be good though.
-Put out another issue or three of my zine.
-No more health problems. More diagnoses okay.
-More weight gain. I don't think 8 pounds is too much to ask for.
-I'm hoping Dexcom will come out with the generation 4 receiver and sensors in the US by next year and that I'll get a new one.
-Develop better skills for swimming and managing blood sugar.


Best of luck with your hopes for next year! :)

Hi Jonah, I don't know if it matters much to you to not be able to use 1/2 units with your pen. I really need the halves, so I use my Levemir pen with BD 1/2 unit syringes rather than with pen needles. Big congrats on your A1C!

Jonah, congrats on the results and even more so on making goals for the year!

Way to go, my friend. I think it's extremely important to write goals down rather than drift around in unspecified vagueness.
I loved seeing you on the featured member page right next to my other two friends, Cat and Linda.

Well done. Really glad that you have seen such positive results. It is very encouraging for the rest of us also.