60 mg/dl...1.45U IOB

If that's all you ate out of that delicious looking cupcake then you're a stronger man than me!

eat that, man! wahddya doin?!?!

That looks like about 20 units to me. I want some! LOL

There should have been a warning before opening!!! LOL

Umm, from the whole cupcake, or just the piece you cut out?

I was hoping there would be a recipe ;)

I ate the 1/4 cupcake and was 112 maybe 45 minutes or an hour later, w/ like .45U left so I was very pleased w/ that. Fortunately, there's a teenager here (school closed due to floods...) so she got rid of what's left in the pic!

I can't believe you ate 1/4!! Don't count on me- if I splurge, I SPLURGE! Yum, yum!!!!

It...would be nice if they had chocolate cupcake flavord Dex4's

All I can say is 'Never waist a good low', You did well my friend

LOL, I'm definitely trying not to "waist" my low by eating the whole cupcake as I blew my leg up a couple of weeks ago and haven't run since 040613. I don't want to turn into the Sta-puf Marshmallow man again!

I hear you, but such will power I'm impressed

oooh! yes! i always thought it would be great to have different flavoured gums-mashed potato, pizza. people are always grossed out by it, but chocolate flavoured glucose tabs, yum! i like it!

my new motto-ta!

All in all, it worked out to be an ok day but still the DP...argh...

Fantastic, AR! Glad to see you dusted off the old camera. We need to get these posted in the flatliner's group again :)

LOL, I ditched IE and switched to Firefox and *presto* everything works again!

I resisted for awhile but now I love Firefox: I love having the tabs I can switch back and forth to. Just means I spend even more time on here!

I need a teenager apparently. Lol