670 Carelink question from Assessment & Progress report

Why does the report show “zero” set changes, but it shows reservoir changes “every 6 days”, which if an average, is wrong. It should be more frequent. What choices during a set/reservoir would trigger set changes to appear in the data? Is it not showing because I don’t ever fill a cannula because I use Sure-T’s?

Tech support thinks that report is broken, ie, the “set change” value doesn’t work correctly. Can someone check your Assessment & Progress report and see if “set change” shows anything but “Never”?

I seem to recall having the same issue with my 530g years ago. I never figured out how to correct the issue.

If that’s the case it sounds like MM isn’t being very careful with reports programming. That is the sort of thing that our customers would have complained about, and that we would have fixed, when I worked for a software company.

I agree. I never pursued trying to get it fixed passed the first call to technical support and them telling me they don’t know why it’s happening. It’s a very odd glitch nonetheless