670 finger sticks

When will Medtronic, the largest pump manufacturer on the planet, produce a CGM that they don’t require 2 calibrations daily and recommend 4, and the ability to bolus from the CGM reading like their competitors?
4 per day? Really? When the competition is one or none for a 10 day wear?
Oh and it is not compatible with Android. Ever.

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There are at least some stated intentions of Medtronic working with the DIY looping community to develop a more flexible hybrid closed-loop system, including opening up to integration with other CGMs, Dexcom in particular. I posted some links about it at one point last year but I don’t have time to track it down right now. I’ll return with a link to that post when I have time to hunt for it.

This may be what you had in mind. (June 7, 2019)