670G and Energizer battery life

They do lose strength sitting

From Panasonic

They retain 90% of their capacity after 1 year, 80% after 3 years, and even after 10 years in storage some 70%

I do believe they are exaggerating - prob on some ideal conditions

I use them in LED lights - since dirt was new

90% after a year is fine with me. I prefer to use them over regular batteries in most things around the house.

I have at least 30 - remote controls - etc

And for power failures

Do they work well in an insulin pump?

My wife has the pump - an older one

I believe medtronic was not liking them so much on the older ones because when the end came it came quickly - not the 24 hours you have on the alkalines - they called it half life or something

However I am 99 percent sure they recommend them for the newer pumps

An easy solution would be to swap it out every week or ten days or whatever regardless of the level the pump states

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I like that solution of swapping them out every week. I wish my Tandem used replaceable batteries. That’s the only complaint I have about the pump. I’m an old school Medtronic user, I’m used to swapping batteries out of pumps.

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You might want to be cautious about Lithium batteries…just in case. Never know. Best if you can, "Purchase batteries from a reputable manufacturer or supplier. "

That’s rechargeable lithium not the ones folks are using in pumps - the non- rechargeable are totally safe

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I used the regular lithium in my 530g for years. I never had an issue with them other than the battery level meter. The pump didn’t generate any extra heat from the lithium battery either.

I won’t be able to comment on the lithiums that I just bought for some time, because I’ve got one of the regular Energizers in the pump now, so it will be about 3 weeks before I’ll try out a Lithium. I’ll report back when the first lithium dies.

Dave, I have a 630G (very similar pump), am not using Minimed’s CGM system, and I get 28-31 days on each Duracell Quantum battery (which cost a bit more than the Duracell regular alkaline batteries). I’ve never had a battery go less than 28 days (and yes, I keep track of each one!).
For me, the good news is that AA batteries are so easy to find. I always have a spare battery just in case.
Hope this helps!

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I use Energizer Lithium batteries with my 670G, usually get a month or so usage.

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I have used lithium batteries from day one with no problems. I’m pretty sure that’s what the literature said we should do.

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For those of you who are getting up to a month out of your batteries, are you using a CGM and how often do you check history, status, and graph?

Dave44, I have the 670g with the sensors running in auto-mode,and I use the lithium battery’s. i get 6+ weeks per battery, and run about 92%+ time in auto mode. I have found no issue, I usually stock up on batteries around various holidays, from Walmart, buying the larger packs. There is some juice left in them when the Medtronic alarm sounds, I just keep the batteries and use the remaining power in my kid’s xbox controller.

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Today I got my answer as to how long the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries can last in a 670G NOT on Automode: 43 days. I’m happy with that.

I use a CGM and check my daily history every day and my 7 day history and 30 day history, which take a number of seconds to load, several times a week. I believe this is why my lithium Energizer batteries only last 12 days.

Try eneloops - rechargeable - lot cheaper then lithium in the long run

I am currently using regular Duracell batteries. I buy a pack of 40 for about $15 or about 38 cents each at Costco. They last about 10 days which, for me, comes out to be 3.8 cents a day.

I’m more interested in longevity than cost, so I prefer the lithiums. It’s not like the lithiums are going to put me in the poor house.