670G Auto mode “range”

I believe the green shaded area on my screen represents the target range. It appears to cover between 70 and 180.

Is this range pre determined and can it be changed?

It’s definitely the default but I think you can change it in Options > History > Sensor Glucose Review. Page 150 of the manual talks about it:

I checked and the default numbers can be changed. I changed the upper limit and the green area changed accordingly.


I changed my target ranges for the sensor and it does adjust my red lines of target ranges on the graph but the shaded green area stays constant. In the end the pump is always going to correct you back to 150 anyways with your ratios and micro basal adjust from there so even if you adjust your target ranges it really doesn’t influence how the auto mode will operate. In the end adjustments to your various ratios and settings will only influence how the auto mode delivers your insulin to hit the 150 correction target and 80 to 120 true targets. But with all that said, I absolutely appreciate being able to make my targets higher during the day so for challenge times for me (post meals, etc)

If I understand you correctly, when you are high, auto mode will correct you back to 150 and once at 150, your ratios etc will then try to keep you in the 80 to 120 range?

Yes. In auto mode, corrections only take you back to 150 mathematically. And in auto mode the pump adjust the micro and Minnie basal rates to achieve it 80 to 120 target no matter what high and low target you set with your sensor.

The only exception to this for the auto mode 80 to 120 target is when you set your pump to exercise mode and then it will focus on maintaining a 150 target level until exercise mode has expired

I’m going from memory but my understanding was that the adjustable range settings are part of bolus wizard set-up, so it can do that thing of adding a correction to your carb bolus if you’re above, or reducing the size of the bolus to compensate if you’re below. But I gave up on the 670 after trying it for four months last year and my memory isn’t totally clear on the fine points.

Thanks, Matt. That seems to corroborate my experience. I was unaware of the exercise “mode.” Now I have to look into that because when I play golf I invariably go low and I use Gatorade to control my BGs.

Gatorade is great for treating lows and always have a bottle or two available to me.