670g clip issues

So I know some have complained about the belt clip that comes with the 670g, I surprisingly like the way it’s engineered as I now can wear it vertically in my bra and it doesn’t look like I have a deformity. :smile: I have recently had issues since wearing the pump in my bra this way with the clip causing breakouts, which is odd because I haven’t had that issue with other pumps before. Any tips for keeping the clip clean when wearing it there? I use alcohol but I think the motion of wearing it there consistently just traps unwanted germies.

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Lol is this safe to use without unhooking the clip from the pump?

:joy: this looks intense @Dave44.

ah, u want to disinfect the clip, right? if u aren’t happy with alcohol, what else were u expecting to use?? Frankly, I think as long as u aren’t licking your pump, or placing it against an open wound, you have nothing to worry about.

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Well I honestly think the clip is clean, I think it’s more of a matter of this being worn in my bra? I was hoping for some responses from some of the women. Hahaha

I do think it’s odd that I’ve only had this issue with the 670?

Are you being sexist? :slight_smile: Do you think a man doesn’t know about cleaning? I’m a clean freak myself (except I don’t change lancets often). :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I have every cleaning product known to man (or woman, as the case may be). My wife makes fun of me.

No and now that I think about it, I clean this pump more than any pump I’ve worn! Thanks Medtronic. :roll_eyes:

“I have every cleaning product known to man.” I see that, I laughed really hard when I looked at that steamer. :joy: This is probably more of a placement issue than a cleaning issue but I wanted to phrase the question appropriately as to not offend anyone.

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well I don’t have THAT steamer, but I have a free one that came with a Bissell carpet cleaner. It’s long, with a small water chamber. I hardly ever use it but it is great for some HD cleaning, like removing baked-on food from stainless oven racks after using Easy-Off (outside–gotta save my lungs!).

I’m not offended. I’m joking with ya!

Do you have a glass stove top?


What do you use to clean it? I’ve tried everything and can’t get it how I would like.

A razor blade in a holder. Make sure the blade is undamaged. then use CeramaBrite (spelling??) with a paper towel in circular motions. it will dry really fast. Lastly polish with more clean paper towels. leaves it SPOTLESS.

FYI: don’t hold the blade at too great of an angle (ie, NOT near 90 degrees), or you could possibly scratch the glass.

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Your cleaning methods are intense. :joy: I’m going to have to try something for that stove top it’s starting to turn black.

Ours IS black! You must have a white one. You have to remove the hardest caked on stuff first with the blade. Even my wife does it. But the Cerambrite is needed to get the remainder off and make the glass gleam like brand new.

u can also get it at home depot and other stores. in the appliance section.

No, unfortunately mine is black too. The burnt food is just the blackest of the black. It’s beaitiful when it’s clean but I haven’t gotten it to that stage yet.

I’ll get some of that, reviews look good.

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