670G no calibration occurred, confirm sensor signal

Hello all,

I recently just started using the 670G with the Guardian 3 sensors. I’ve had the first sensor in for a few days now (day 3 as of 7/25/19). The sensor was working fine for the past few days. I woke up this morning and calibrated after waking at the required calibration time, around 8am. The 670G accepted the calibration. I then received a alert before high alarm and tested BG again. After that, I received a No Calibration Occured, Confirm Sensor Signal warning. I tested BG again and attempted to calibrate, but received a second error message again saying No Calibration Occured, Confirm Sensor Signal. I verified the sensor is active and showing on the 670G. My next required calibration isn’t until later this evening. Should I attempt to calibrate again around lunch time today or wait until closer to the required evening calibration? Thanks for any help you can provide!

Have u called tech support yet?

Not yet. I wanted to wait until I try calibrating again at lunch or this evening to see if I’m able to successfully calibrate. If not, I may try turning the sensor off and then back on or try reconnecting. If all else fails, I will definitely call tech support. Thanks.

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