I got my second ever A1C results today - 7.2. Quite a jump from the 5 I got 4 years ago!

My doctor told me I have "mild diabetes", that I definitely don't need insulin and that I must just cut out sugar. I wish he had a clue just how stringent my diet is!! I wish all I had to do was cut out sugar!!

My doctor is not panicking, but I am. He seems to think everything is fine, and I'm not sure an A1C of 7.2 is acceptable to me. Admittedly I am now drastically changing my eating habits (high protein, lowish carb and low GI) so the next one will hopefully be better.

He says I have the kind of diabetes that goes away with lifestyle changes, although he concedes I don't really need to lose weight and my cholesterol/blood pressure/kidneys/liver tests were all good.

The doc saw how freaked out I was and gave me a referral to a highly thought of diabetic doctor in town for a second opinion. This guy doesn't take on any new patients, but is a friend of my doc so would see me as a favour.

Am I just being neurotic and perfectionistic?

Having had a blood sugar of 27, having gone semi-blind for two weeks, having needed MDI, having been told I'm not diabetic and then that I am diabetic again I'm in a flat spin.

Thanks Sally. I kept asking him if I'm Type 2 and he said it wasn't that severe, which doesn't make sense to me. He also said I definitely don't need to go on insulin. He said I have the kind that goes away when you lose weight and exercise.

I've had a couple of fasting BG's over 7, and an HbA1C of 7.2 indicates that my BS is high.

My research and his opinion do not seem to correlate. I think he's comparing me to other patients he's had who are very overweight and have very uncontrolled BS's, and in light of that I'm a "mild" case, but of course I don't have that perspective and my case is the most important diabetic case that has ever existed in my life!