7+ unreliable and tech support is lousy

I got the 7+ last May, and for months it worked fine (after the usual learning curve). Then, about three weeks ago now, it went to hell.

For long periods of time it doesn't show a blood sugar, but rather "???". No data on the graph. (See the picture if it I can manage to upload it.) In one 24-hour period I got about five hours of data total, scattered throughout the day.

So I called tech support. They asked the whole list of questions, of course. Told me to change the sensor and said they'd send me a new one — which I did and they did, but it didn't help. We went round a couple more times. They (understandably) wanted me to upload the data from the receiver. Unfortunately, at this moment I don't have a computer that will do that.

Eventually I called Jenn Day, the Dexcom local rep, and arranged to mail her the receiver so she could upload the data. Note that she (unlike the crew at tech support) had been as helpful as she could be. But this was a week ago, and she hasn't gotten anything back from tech support either, as of today.

So as of right now, I will not recommend Dexcom to anyone. If they get it back to me — that's right, I still don't have it back — and if it gets back to actually working, that might change. Right now, I'm impressed neither with the product nor its support.

[2007-IMAG06081.png|attachment](upload://90LdgLeEHg5wOiTYrOkZqrlLyGy.png) (69.3 KB)

Sorry for your experience George, I have had nothing but great support from Dexcom but I also have a G4 system not a 7+. The current sensor on my arm is 2 weeks old and has shown no signs of failing, the only time I have gotten less than a full day of data is when I swim laps in the pool. Then it is a bit intermittant, but I still get some data.

Unfortunately performance like in the picture you posted happened on occasion with the 7+ (it happened all the time with the first Seven). You have to just keep calling Dexcom and getting replacement sensors. A pain for sure. Hopefully you will get this resolved.

When I first started using Dexcom 7, I also had inconsistent results for several months, many ??? that would come and go, and other times getting great results for 10-12 days. But at one point, I realized that I didn't always securely snap down both corners of the transmitter. Once I started double checking that, I've had no problems.

I was always able to get replacements from Dex Support, for sensors that did not last at least 7 days. Sometimes just a phone call, and sometimes they wanted a download. So sorry to hear you had to mail yours to the rep, and still don't have it back. That does sound unreasonable and unacceptable.

I have to tell you that my experience with Dexcom support is completely the opposite of yours. Having been on a Dexcom for many years, I have had to call many times and have always been overly impressed with their quick service, their thoroughness and their follow up. I recently had a problem with my charger - it failed. My Receiver, which I usually plug in each night when i am going to sleep (it is on my night stand next to my bed), and it was not charging when plugged in. After a few attempts to resolve the issue by following the Support Agent's instructions, he declared that it was an obvious hardware problem with the charger and he would make sure a replacement was fedEx'd out immediately. I received it the next day and than was impressed when I got a call back fro the same agent to make sure I got it and that it had solved my problems. Think about it, that level of service does not exist anywhere today, but it does at Dexcom - and I am a much more secure user because of it.

I suggest you call back and try again, your issues will be addressed promptly - I am sure f it!