7 Years a diabetic type II too

7 years ago today, I was told that i had diabetes type II. The year that followed I cut out sugar, chocolate, fast foods, processed meat and a few other things completely. That was the year that the great recession began. And I keep on asking myself are the 2 related?
And the answer remains maybe. Something like the butterfly effect but just totally different. As I have had to adjust to the world as a diabetic type II, the world has had to adjust to me. And there are more and more of me type of people every day. So I just want to say that if the great recession was because of me - I’m really really sorry.


You’re doing well and your sense of humor remains! Congrats.


Thanks Terry - I won’t say that it hasn’t been a hard slog or there haven’t been ups and downs - but that’s life

Congrats… I’m just a bit over 4.5 years into my diagnosis…

Keep up the hard/good work!

thanks Thas

What are you holding in the foto you use as your icon ? Is that a turtle ?

Yeah it turtle. Don’t you know that blowing a turtle bring your sugar down 10%? But seriously it’s a Chinese flute.

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Mine is a Wire Haired Pointing Griffon named Cosmo.

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