8 Miles Of Bad Road

That’s what I feel like tonight. The past three days have been a struggle, with averages in the 300s and after posting last night my BS peaking at 451 last night, I finally was able to push my number down to a “good” 180 by 3 AM this morning. Not trusting, I did a full correction and went back to bed. At 7:30 AM, I still felt awful, and I should because even with the correction, I was back up to 318. What the…

I promptly put a call into my CDE asking her to call me when she could. I then corrected, then ultimately had two rounds of 10 units by syringe before my BS decided to take notice (about 50 units taken before Noon). She called me mid-morning and we went back through my list of what had happened, along with the infinite number of things that could have gone wrong. It all came back to the insulin. While I had tried two new bottles, we had not ruled out that something could be wrong with the supply I had from Medco, my provider. My CDE then got a sample from my doctor, which I picked up shortly after Noon. By then, and all that I had taken in the morning, I was finally down into the low 100s for the first time in three days and could then eat (for the first time today), and then re-prime with a new, unrelated bottle of insulin.

By late afternoon I was actually low and was ready for dinner… with all of the meal skipping over the past three days. Tonight will be the real test. My 2 hour post was slightly above 200, but I did do some snacking for lows, which may not have all made it into the dinner carb count. Last night at this time, I had already hit my 451 number. The real test will be midnight tonight and then into the morning.

Hopefully the monster will stay asleep tonight and let me get back into my routine. If so, I have a call to make to Medco in the morning to see how they would handle an insulin swap.

OMG, I just never have believed in bad insulin, but it truly sounds like yours was!!! Was it mail order?? Did it come with a cold pack? I hope you print and send these last few posts of yours to Medco. You sound so calm about all of this I would be screaming and yelling at Medco. What size cannula do you use, perhaps you need a longer one.

Hope things continue to improve.

The mystery continues… after three days of the worst consecutive numbers I’ve had, period, I’m “back to normal.” I did try some test insulin from my CDE, but I am not convinced that was the issue. My BSs had dropped before I started with the new. In looking at my numbers over the three days, we could definitely see similar trends. It was almost like once I got enough insulin in me to get ahead of the wave, the highs would back off. If I didn’t double my correction estimate, then I would hover within the same high range. I have since made some minor tweaks to my basals, but nothing major. My 3 AMs have been stable over the past two nights and I haven’t had an issue with surging sugars. Once I have some more time to digest, I may post a question to the forum to see what others may take from it. As for now, my CDE and I cannot explain.

I am glad things are improving for you. I just had two days of high numbers that would not budge, I am under a lot of stress at work, one factor, but I changed my site and things are a bit better, and I am off work the rest of the week so that will help as well.