8 weeks pregnant and super worried

So im around 8 weeks pregnant now…Sugars been very well controlled since I found out i was pregnant but still very concerned about the baby wish i could just relax and enjoy this special time.

Congratulations! Understandable to be a bit worried.

You might want to join the group Oh! Baby!! http://www.tudiabetes.org/group/ohbaby. Lots of moms there to lend support & share the joy.

First of all congratulations. Second of all, you are not alone. I gave birth to two healthy boys, now ages 15 and 20. I have had Type 1 for 50 years. The feelings come and go, but for me they definitely hovered around worry almost all the time. One of the hardest parts for me was the inability to let go of the worry. I remembered what I had heard my whole life . The irony is that things have changed so much since I grew up with all the foreboding messages. Now , the outcome is really obtainable in having a healthy baby. You are doing the right thing if your numbers are good. Just keep doing what you are doing. The rest will take care of itself.

Thanx for support!I had a healthy girl 8 years ago and my sugars before I knew I knew I was pregnant were horrible!I think my A1c back then was 13…Thank God she was healthy!!I didnt have internet access then so I think im looking to much into things.