A bad day

So today was hectic day, we had storms, lots of things to do today. Made an okay dinner had ham of course I burnt it, got though that, feed the baby, and oh whats this my pump is empty and charming off it nice little alarm. I am in the middle on babies bath so okay hun can you take a minute and bring me my stuff to change my set? Okay so keeping an eye on baby and starting a new site? Not a good thing to do somehow I managed this:

Okay so no big deal right just ride it out? Nope cant detach my self for showers, ok so I will restart. Get it all set up and insert it, OUCH! Something is not right, hun come here what do you think? Well it hurts so I take it out bled like crazy! Two no good sites! Okay one more time...... and finally it worked. Three sites in one day... who would have thought!

Ouch, sounds very painful!!!

Oh man, have had a couple of them where did 2 in 1 day but never 3 yet.
Hope every thing is ok now.

I did not do so well trying to multitask today either…some days are just like that. Have a better tomorrow.

So far today is better then again I just rolled out of bed my loving husband let me sleep in! And thankfully the site I ended up with is doing great! Not a horrible start!