A Beer and a Bolus

So am I the only one? I've been diabetic for almost 21 years, I'm in my 20's, and I go out with my friends pretty often. Am I the only one who enjoys a few drinks now and then?

I'm very responsible with my diabetes care, but there are moments when I throw caution to at least the zephyr (vs. the all-out wind). I've written about diabetes and drinking on dLife before, but yesterday I was wondering if I'm the only one. Or maybe one of the only one's talking about it.

Have you had a beer and a bolus?

Why yes, I have had a beer and a bolus. Although it is usually two beers and a bolus b/c I do the light beer thing now to avoid having to bolus 1 unit per beer. But I pretty much stop at the 2 beer/1 bolus mark. Sure am glad I got this in my 30’s when I don’t have the energy to go out and party anymore. I don’t know how I would have made it through college and my 20’s. You folks who have had the D practically all your lives amaze me.

Sure, all the time. I usually drink wine and do not bolus for that. If I’m drinking margaritas or something real sugary I do bolus. I was recently in Las Vegas with a group of T1’s and we were all drinking a lot–I would imagine that’s pretty typical. Let me know if you want my recipe for Splenda margaritas!

I have the hardest time with alcohol, but considering I do it so infrequently (maybe once a month… if that!) I usually don’t worry about it if I go high. If I did it once a week, or three nights in a row like some people I know, I would probably try to crack down on it. I’ve also noticed wine and beer don’t affect me. Hard alcohol does, but I do almost nothing with wine and beer (except maybe a tiny bolus).

I Loveee my Captain and Diets…(:
I do notice the “drop” too generally in the middle of the night ): Glad I have my Dexcom. Your purse sounds like mine when I go out on the town too- just down to the basics… I love my pink “mini” for those occasions (:

Kimberly - Light beer - I’m with you on that. Does the least amount of carby damage.

Lara - You have a recipe for Splenda margaritas? Do tell!

Allison - Wine doesn’t make me high, but it definitely causes a little bit of a dip in the wee hours of the morning. Wine dinners always include midnight snacks. :wink:

Cari - My purse … it’s an atrocity. People could be living in it and I wouldn’t know.

No your not alone in this! Like I said on your page I’m still trying to remember Labor Day weekend! Mind you this is not something I do all the time, this was like the 1st time I had drank that much in a long time but I do like to have a beer or 2 everyweekend! HA1 Not too big into the other stuff though.