A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

Blood sugars this morning 8.2 disappointing but you have to take it with a pinch of salt old black country saying no salt used, getting upset does nothing except bring on depression and I can tell you that is not good self pity is the worst thing a diabetic can have only my opinion folks getting mobile is my enemy getting to be a couch potato only pills on the pounds my current weight is nearly 18 stone no good for my heart or diabetes, I take 120 units of Novomix 30,and 20 units of Insulatard Innolet at night all that insulin does not help with the weight, my last weigh in for the diabetic nurse was 17.10 so have to get a spurt on to lose the excess, if I am honest I do succumb to the devil far too often scratchings (pork) full of salt peanuts roasted in honey no one to blame but myself guess eating becomes a habbit excess eating becomes a way of life, having breakfast toast Warbutons seeded batch brown with Anchor but the devil on my shoulder is edging me on the Angel on my other shoulder is sleeping she has long given up on me.
Brieni one of our 3 cat's can smell the butter and has woken up and eyeing up my toast on the plate trying to tell her it is bad for her, and here I am getting the toast down me, when Angel cook's tea she makes sure I eat sensibly but you know the saying when the cat's away the mice will play but diabetes is one thing none of us can play about with taken 60 units of Novomix 30 in flexpen it is a wonderful summerts day outside so hot even the starlings are hot and bothered and quite you have to be quite in our neighbourhood as there are lots of cat's around
tidy my insulin stuff pen, meter, needles, checking a few lottery tickets you never know clock ticking away well this moment will never happen again, you take care, twiddle