A Book Game - 1

Here is a game I thought would be fun to try:

Grab the nearest book to you. Turn to page 45. Post what is written on the third paragraph.

Include the book and author so everyone knows.

Every so often we will change the page and the paragraph so if someone has the same book close by, there will be a chance for them to participate again.

**You could also open another browser window and go to your favorite website other than tudiabetes.com, look at the 3rd paragraph/post and write the first line here. Be sure to mention the website (Thanks John for the recommendation!)

Ready? Grab the book (or visit a website) and post!

Book: A Biologist’s Guide to analysis of DNA microarray data
Author: Steen Knudsen
Pg 45, 3rd paragraph: Instead of calculating the Euclidean distance, you can also calculate the angle between the vectors that are formed between the data point of the gene and the center of the coordinate system.

Book: 2008 U.S. Master Tax Guide
Authors: CCH Editorial Staff
P 45 only has the Individual tax tables for taxable income over 95,000.
Yeah, I am at work.


At least you clarified that. We wouldn’t want to think you have this lying around for everyday use. Ugghh. LOL!

Book: Eaton Power Quality Reference Guide and Pricebook - October 2008

Page 45 has pricing for a 9130 UPS (battery backup system). Yep, I am at work too!

To clarify: I’m at work, too. This happened to be the nearest book and I happen to work in a science/lab environment.

This site is one of the few that are not blocked by my company, so I am very glad for that!

Anne Rice, Taltos…
'Now, that’s not exactly true about the woman in the grave,'said Celia. ‘They believe it was…’

Of course, the book near me doesn’t have a 3rd paragraph on page 45.

Instead, I went to the homepage of one of my fav sites(no paragraphs :stuck_out_tongue: ), so I clicked on the first headline link to find the 3rd paragraph(firstline).


Stanley Cup birthday bash for Crosby

Following the meet and greet, “Sid the Kid” will head to his hometown of Cole Harbour where thousands of people are expected to turn out for a parade in his honour.

Book - If you could see me now
Author - Cecelia Ahern
Page 45, chapter 3;
It’s not that Baile na gCroithe wasn’t beautiful - it was certainly that.

I have to say I read the book because it came in a magazine I bought, and I hate having books in my room I haven’t read. To be honest its not the best - slightly lacking and a little here nor there - wasn’t my style. Any suggestions for some great reads - new or old?