A Brain What?

A Brain What???
I have been away. I was under the misapprehension that one disease was enough. I was wrong. You don’t get insurance from other maladies by having T1 for 35 years. But, you all probably knew that. I didn’t get the memo.

Out of the blue, I was diagnosed with a benign memingioma—a tumor on the lining of the brain. Unfortunately this one didn’t know it was supposed to stay on the outside of the brain and happily tunneled into my visual cortex. After seven hours of surgery it was successfully removed.

Ordinarily I would not go into such detail about my health, but this type of tumor is not uncommon and if any of you out there have been diagnosed with one I will be happy to share my experience.

Good Blood Sugars, All,


Wow Lyle… I haven’t heard about this before. I’m glad that the surgery was successful! Will you need any follow-up treatment? Hope that you are doing alright!

Thanks, Kristin, I am fine. The key to my being fine was to have always paid attention to my T1 and excercise.

As to follow-up treatment, no. Luckily menigiomas are usually not cancerous. That would have been a problem. Sometimes MRI’s are done periodically as they sometimes grow back. Guess my neurologist was satisfied that mine wouldn’t.

Thanks again,

Good Blood Sugars!

My reaction as well…"Wow, Lyle!"
Glad you are well.

Thanks God million times it is benign and successfuly was removed.Best wishes.

I read and I think your brain is ok! all my best wishes.