A carpenters touch

Trying to write blog but lappy playing up is someone trying to tell me not to put my feelings in the cloud or just this toshiba getting on a bit or maybe I am just tired I feel tired so that is probably it only just taken my daily medication not a good idea late at night but taken all 12 pills now, I was so moved when we took our two grandchildren to the playpit slides climbing frames all things kids love all we had to do is sit there and keep an eye on them,some children walked in with what I thought were parents but they turned out to be carers all the children had problems some were screaming some banging there heads and otherd hitting carers who were trying to calm them down, other children playing were getting upset and some parents left with there children,I felt so sad deep down knowing our 5 children had been spared such difficulties a prayed for Jesus to walk into the play pit and bless all the children for I know in my heart he would never have passed them by,my problems seemed so small when these children will never know or feel the love that surrounds me ,so next time I am moaning about angina gout depression or a snubbed toe kick me in the bottom lord for having so much of Paradise around me