A Couple of Questions

Did anyone experience a rise in blood sugars especially in the afternoon and evening hours? I've noticed that lately I'm running higher than normal in the afternoon and evening hours but in the morning hours around 7:30 and 8 am I'm running either in the 80s or lower.

Also has anyone had an issue with hospital issued pregnancy tests coming up negative in the first month, but then would show up around 8 weeks as a positive on a home test? I also because this happened with my first son.

Thanks for the help in advance.

When I was pregnant I totally lost my dawn phenomenon and picked up the afternoon high bgs. Totally weird. After I delivered, the dp came back a little (not as bad as pre-preggo) but the afternoon highs have stayed. My endo thinks I'm crazy, but the cgm doesn't lie (much - haha!).

I did not have any hospital tests at the beginning, so I'm not much help with that one...

I'm currently 37 weeks and have noticed that afternoons and evenings have been getting much more resistant the last 3-4 weeks. In fact, my levels are very similar to mornings - which surprised me! My morning readings are doing great (as long as I can go to bed at a normal level!).