A day at the circus with staring gazes?

My sister surprised me and my two daughters, Gwen and Olivia, with tickets to the circus. We had a choice of the 4:30pm show or the 7:30pm show. It occured to me that regardless of the show time I was going to give Olivia an insulin shot in public for the first time! (It has always been home, a relative's house, a friends house, or last week - in the first aid building) Instantly, I became nervous about this.

We decided to go to the 4:30 show. Inside the circus tent was extremely hot. Olivia and Gwen (and everyone else) began to sweat. I then begin to wonder if the heat is going to cause Olivia to go low. Great time for a sno cone - a sugar free/zero carb sno cone that is! (I'll post more about this later)

Shot time was 6:00. Around 5:45 was intermission so I decided that this time was a good time. I was hoping that Olivia was not going to give me a hard time. I did not want a big scene (most of the time she is an angel about the pokes/pricks, but ofcourse there have been a couple of the "devil child" moments too, especially when she is doing something fun and she doesn't want to stop for D). She did super! I wasn't looking around while I was doing her blood meter test and the shot, but I couldn't help thinking that everyone was staring! What were they thinking? Were there any staring gazes at me and my child while I performed the work of a pancreas? I don't know, but the moment came and went fast and we had a great time at the circus.

Words of wisdom from good old sis - Who cares what people think!

haha yeah i hear you! i give myself shots in public without much of a problem, but sometimes i wonder if people are staring at me. but i don’t bother very much about them in any case. they can think whatever they want. it doesn’t really bother me. :slight_smile:

Aunt Ronda, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, trials & tribulations on this website. I check this everyday, and almost everyday it brings me to tears. Nathen had his deal last year and it was very scary but it was also short term. We love you girls ( and uncle bum too, tell him not to pout) and can’t even imagine what life is like on a daily basis. Always know that we are here for you all. We are glad to help in any way when we are on vacation. WE LOVE YOU OLIVIA! & GWEN TOO!!! I love the pic of all three girls, tooooo cute!!