A day in the life

School called a few hours ago – crap – I forgot to send carb counts for Kim’s lunch today. (It’s Monday.)

Quick – how many carbs are in a chocolate pudding? And you know it’s not the sugar free stuff we eat at home. Ummmmm Calorie King says a snack size serving (4 oz) is 26 carbs. Great! Lets go with that. Okay – Corn dogs, 30, Hash browns, 11, Green beans, 2, peaches, 17, chocolate milk, 26, chocolate pudding 26 – That’s 112 carbs!!!

How can a 38 lb 5-year old eat 112 carbs in one sitting???

She needs 4.7 units of insulin to cover 112 carbs. To put that in perspective - That’s almost half of her average TDD!


Better get someone to check her in 2 hours to see where she lands.

Two hours later – she’s 112. (Down from a pre lunch high of 321)

Double Yikes – she sure fell fast considering what she ate…

Better call and make sure someone is watching her on the bus.

After school care called – back up to 181. Hmmmmm

Well, either the afternoon basals are off, she is still in her fun-bus-ride-adrenalin high, or she crashed and she is on her way up to some horrible high we will be fighting all night.

So far today I’ve received 3 calls from school, received 5 e-mails, called them twice, and returned 4 e-mails. There are still 2 hours left in our day…

Doesn’t it sound like fun to be the Mom of a 5-year old with T1? :slight_smile: