A day of days!

I just finished up with my new doc, reviewed all the labs, the previous labs, the data and,

“You’re not diabetic! In your case, I can do more for you by adjusting your diet and getting you to do exercising, if you did nothing - at the worst - pre-diabetic”

Made my day! :slight_smile:

Yeah, well I'm in that category too, but I still have all sorts of diabetic complications. Just be careful.

Dealing with it in the early stages means you may be able to get control with a diet that is not as strict. Be sure to test after meals to be certain you are not spiking over 140. Many believe this will prevent the disease from progressing and complications from developing. There are no guarantees this will be true in every case, but I believe this gives you your best shot.

:slight_smile: It’s been awhile and nice to relax a bit without jumping through hoops, diets not strict - just different! Still testing, just need to get more focused after a month of hacking, sneezing, and going achoo!

Good thing - no meds, bad thing- no Rx for strips, out of my pocket, not insurance company… Oh well!