A diagnosis finally!

I saw my endocrinologist on Wednesday and it’s official – I have autoimmune diabetes. He didn’t use the term “LADA” but according to my history, I believe this is what I have. By the next day, a feeling of happiness and excitement for the future washed over me. This is the first time since my second son was born that I have felt this way. I didn’t even realize how much I was missing out on. I just really needed to know what was happening with me so that I could move on. I feel great!

I will soon post my story so that others who are struggling for a diagnosis could maybe learn something from my experience. But right now , I have to prepare for my son’s baptism party that’s happening tomorrow.

Great attitude!

Happy baptism party!

I am so glad you finally got a solid answer - I know it feels so much better when things start to make a little more sense - it is a HUGE relief :slight_smile:

I’m glad that you finally got an answer. Certainly all of us would dream of being told “You don’t have diabetes,” but once you realize you have it and it won’t go away, you just want to figure what is wrong with you and how to properly treat it and get on with your life. Now, you can put those questions behind you and get on with your life.