A Drink With a Meal Lowers Blood Sugar Afterwards

How’s this? “Having an alcoholic drink with
a meal may help reduce the subsequent rise in blood sugar
levels, Australian researchers report.” (more details)

Can anyone’s experience confirm this? I would say it sounds about right to me. Here’s another post I wrote on Wine and Diabetes a while back.

I gave up drinking completely for a year, then I have added back rum & diet coke, Drambuie on ice, an occasional beer, all sparingly.

I really expected my A1c to be high this time around but it was quite low 6.2 or 6.3. Anyhow I intend to continue to limit my consumption of alchohol except on those rare occasions - that and an occasional cigar (about six per year).

One has to take time to smell the roses.

A book I read, “Think Like a Pancrea”, by Gary Scheiner, mentioned that alcohol may lower blood sugar. However, the alcohol (I like beer) may also contain carbohydrates which may raise blood sugar.