A Fake Low

Yesterday my body played a weird trick on me. I felt like I was getting a low so I checked and I wasnt so I was actually a lil high, just ignored it. As time went by I thought the feeling would go away because that what it usually does but it didnt. I kept checking my BG and it was slowly going down but still well in the normal range. I was feeling worse, my energy was completely drained, all I wanted to do was take a nap and I am not a nap type person. So finally the last time I checked it was 89 and I couldnt take it anymore so I ate some skittles. Immediately I started to feel better, the drain feeling took a lil while longer to over come however. I thought it was really strange that I went through all the feelings of a real low without being low.

It makes me wonder sometimes when you get the feeling of being low but the meter is not confirming it should you only listen to the meter?

Usually I do listen to the meter but yesterday my body was not having it so I had to chose to ignore it.

What makes your body feel like its getting low when in fact its not, well according to the meter anyways?

I have tested a number of times and just so do not believe what my meter tells me. So I always clean hands (again), change lancet (yea, I reuse cause I am lazy), and retest. Sometimes I retest twice just to be sure.
Re feeling tired, especially when sugars are high - I was always taught that is because the body cannot use the sugars/energy properly when high, no “fuel” for the cells.

I think it could be several things. You said you were “a little high”. I agree with Korrie, that being high can also give you feelings of lethargy and be mistaken for low (though if you meant like 150, this isn’t terribly likely).

Second, depending on how high you were and how fast you dropped sometimes a fast plunge can give you low feelings even more intensely than a lower number attained more gradually.

Third, if you have been high a fair amount, then you will feel symptoms of lows at numbers that definitely are not “officially” low.

Finally, I think the feelings of lows can be more or less subtle to some of us, and it’s easy to be feeling a general “malaise” (low energy, out of it, spacy, irritable) for many reasons - diet, a vitamin deficiency, impending illness, fatigue, emotional issues, or nothing (noticeable) at all. I would investigate further if it happens more.

For my BG to be in the 200’s is not uncommon on a daily basis…so my drained feeling was not because I was high, that happens when I am going through a low. Its very distinct. I see what you were saying about other factors that may have been related to tired feeling however I do not think any of this was it…

When I get a low I get the shakes, I feel kind of cold and when I dont treat it right away I get very drained like I can pass out. I went through all these steps when I wasnt low at all…When I ate some sugar I felt better