A Family Tree

This is a great idea and I recommend this for everyone.

Before you forget, before the family forgets, make a MEDICAL family tree. When I go into the new doctors the more information they have the better. When my four kids and all my nieces and nephews go to doctors they should be informed!

My sister and I started calling and talking to all our cousins (19 on mom's side alone - lets not even count the kids) and all the relatives we could think of. And it was a great idea. Two of my cousins are retired nurses so they had GreAT information I didn't know. For example, I knew grandma had diabetes and lost her eyesight from glaucoma and complications but I did not know grandpa ALSO had diabetes and all his complications. I didn't know that all the women on my mom's side 'traditionally' die from strokes. (there's a happy thought). I didn't know if the history was T1 or T2. My deep and rolling veins are from my dad's side of the family (thanks dad!) but so is my low blood pressure.

ANYwAYS - we decided to do this for our own benefit and our children so they were informed and prepared for what legacy our families left. Forewarned is forearmed. Be prepared, watch for the signs. I knew grandma had vision problems so you know I go to my eye doctor without a fuss.

Now with most of the older generation gone or forgetting this and that, we decided to create this gift and I'm really proud of what we've accomplished. I don't feel so ignorant of my medical history. Things that happened as a child are now not just a mystery but facts that can help me. And I got to call and talk to relatives that I just don't see enough!

I totally recommend this activity. And at the end when you write it all up you have a tea party and celebrate your family and the love and that we survive all this just fine thank you very much!

Great idea Marcia. My sons went away to college, and had to use the er one night…each at a different time. They couldn’t answer some of the family history questions because they didn’t know. Put the Physician in a hard spot.

So I went back and found what they needed, made one up for both of them, and one up for my husband and myself.

Very good to carry with you…