A family's story

You know I am one of those people who wants to know what makes the person I am talking to or reading tick.
So, a little self disclosure of my own is necessary.
I have lived my entire life in the greatest small city in the world… Peabody MA!
Spent several years living in my wife’s hometown after marriage because we both worked there…you know convenience.
However, we made the decision to move back this way after we had Knox.
I love bringing up my son and daughter in the same neighborhood that I grew up in. The same parks, the same schools, the same local stores and such.

Before marriage and family though I had a life that most likely resembles yours:
Great family upbringing (Portuguese and English) with all the wonderful cultural traditions that first generation grandparents could provide. Excellent public and parochial schooling and a fantastic HS experience at Bishop Fenwick HS (celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year).

I grew up close to the ocean and just a 20 minute drive to the big city of Boston