A Friend's Problem

A friend has the question, stated below. I have not encountered this.

“My dex receiver beeps loudly and says initializing on the screen, stays blank for a minute or two, then 2 more beeps and back to regular graph screen, it happening more regularly the last few days, is this a fault or a normal thing for it to do?”

After I started using the “skin” it happens to me alot when I put my receiver in my pants pocket. I think it is caused by static electricity. When I asked tech support about it, they told me that it would not harm the receiver and it would not affect my data.

It’s just the receiver re-booting, often due to static. I had the same problem, and it was happening multiple times a day and Dexcom replaced my receiver. It will happen more in the winter when the air is dry and if you keep the receiver in your pocket. Putting it in a case of some type will help a lot - I have one of the silicon covers - it also keeps dust from getting under the screen. If it’s happening very fequently, give Dex a call.

Yes! I’ve seen that too and associated it with static - Caleb on the rug or sliding down a slide.

Thanks for your comments, I’m glad I don’t carry my Dex in my pocket.

My old receiver did that. They said it was because of static discharge. They said it would do no harm to the device.

It happened to me once. After I charged it, it was fine again.

The Battery indicator showed full, but I had not charged it for 3 days.

So, I assume that it just needed a charge.

I now charge it every night. Don’t trust the battery indicator.