A Fun Game To Play When Changing Your Site! "A Diabetes Tidbit"

We always try to make changing insulin pump sites fun by coming up with ways to make it a positive experience. Check out how Nikki's does it! http://www.pumpwearinc.com/index.php?page_id=511

does the site stick better when you put the tape on before u put the site in?

Yes it does

Maybe we should start up "Set Wars". The person who inserts an infusion set, fully primed and ready to go, the fastest without skipping steps gets a badge to put on their wall for a month. Practice makes perfect. ;-)

Great idea to try and keep things interesting.

When I read your blog title, I thought it was initially about the rollout of the new tudiabetes web site. Boy was I wrong.

I think Nikki does a great job. I am a little apprehensive about fast, sometimes speed can cause us to slip up. Nikki however seems to be quite smooth and carefully.