A Gastroparesis question ( but read the disclaimer first)

DISCLAIMER: I am posting this under the type 2 section because I am afraid if my question gets moved to the COMPLICATIONS section I will never get any answers. And this is kind of a urgent matter please dont move this post!


My mother has gastroparesis from being a Type 2 since 1998.

My mother takes Amaryl aka Glimepiride. I think once a day.

Mother’s blood sugar has been running high ( not BAD high) just a tad high in the mornings.

Since we started writing down her BS’s down on paper since 6/8 this is how its been going:

MORNING: 107, 134, 135,160,137,132,121,139,144,119,145,146,129,113,127,116,107,115,130,120,129,123,146,113,118,124,141,129,124,148,153,137,154,142,125
The 125 at the end being today’s morning reading.

They’re nights that she’ll replace 2 meals with a slimfast keto shake with less than 1 gram of sugar in it ( since liquid diet is okay with gastroparesis ) and it would still be kinda high the next day.

What I am wanting to know is, are those morning readings considered HIGH? When I think of high ( Hyperglycemia) is 180 to 200 to 300 to 400 +

And yes her BS does come down because her night readings are near perfect except for a night or two that we went out to eat.

EVENING: 143,109,113,133,128,125,95,94,94,125,131,109,105,112,121,107,90,153,106,104,97,151,88,100,129,112,135,110,92,109,112,110,92,109,112,110,134,101

101 on the end being last nights reading.

We don’t know what to do… She cant get back into the gastro doctor because he stays booked up for 3 or 4 months at a time. She’s about ready to go on a pure liquid diet.

I just hope she’s not damaging her body with her running a tad bit high in the mornings?? What do ya’ll think?


@CWM030 I would kill for control like that. Your mom’s numbers are not bad at all, in fact they are really really good except for the odd 160 (and even that isn’t really bad) IMHO. I would be surprised if her current BGs are causing any lasting damage - agin just my opinion as I am not a medical professional.

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Do you know her last A1C? That would help determine if the hours between bg checks are in reasonable range.
Or BG testing during day before and after meal a few times for typical meals. Or even a Libre sensor.

What is her typical meal? High carb? Is she spiking to 200+ after meals?

I also have gastroparesis but no dr has ever related it to my being diabetic! Also have ulcerative colitis and recently had colon resection surgery. Since the surgery, I have been really careful about what I eat, especially eating yogurt and taking probiotics every day and I’m on Mesalomine 800mg 4x a day. Since following this regime I have been quite regular and no digestive problems.
As for the blood sugar levels, I am on an insulin pump and a Dexcom monitor. Even with those I wish my readings were as good as your mother’s!!

A1C 5.6 ( it was 5.5 a couple months ago )

She tests her blood twice a day ( morning and before bed)

Like for instance this morning her BS was fine! Even after eating 1 cup of lo mein and some sweet and sour soup from the chinese place last night. I want to say her BG was 126 this morning.

She only eats like 2 meals a day… Lunch and dinner.
And sometimes for dinner its just a meal replacement shake.

Carb wise:
We cook a lot at home.

We try to buy foods that state on the package a fiber count of 1 to 3 ( due to her gastroparesis. Thats what the internet says to stay between for quick digestion.

We hardly make high carb meals like Spaghetti or noodle based dishes. We do once in awhile. When it comes to things like Hamburger helper or stuff like that with starches and noodles in it, we limit it to 1 cup which is a serving. Thats what the back of the box says. Or if its 1/2 a cup thats all we eat. We eat salads even though she’s not supposed to have raw veggies.

We eat veggies out of a can. and stay within the serving size. ( most of the time it says 1/2 a cup)

She’s still trying to cope with veggies she can eat and veggies to stay away from like Corn and green beans, dried beans etc. She can have veggies but they have to be cooked to MUSH basically.

We eat LOTS of chicken. ALL done in the oven.
sometimes Fish – Fish sticks, or baked catfish in the oven ( unbreaded), tuna etc.

Thats the only way we cook is via the oven,

Stove top: sautee, stewed veggies, boil, stir fry, etc

I think pork chops is a no no but we had them not to long ago.

I learned by the internet thanks to her doctor not giving her a list of foods she can and can’t eat. We had to learn by the internet what she could and couldn’t eat…

any tough meats… Roast, Steak, prob pork chops. etc

Also we hardly eat fried food. Its was rare that we’d go out and have fried food now that we know that her stomach can’t handle it.

I will have to have her ask her doctor about that med.

PS welcome to the message boards!

Mother called and she got an appt for monday afternoon! YAY!

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So we just had a scare a minute ago!

I walked in the room and mother was like… " I am craving something sweet!"

I was like check your blood sugar… She was like no I do want to.

I insisted that she check it, And she did and she got a reading of 77.

I said that can’t be right… Wash your hands and try again… She did and the machine said 78

I kinda panicked ( okay I went into full blown panic) and Gave her 2 square pieces of sugar free Russell Stoffers chocolate

and then gave her 3 Danish cookies which I knew had sugar in them and we waited until 3:15 PM CST and checked again and it was 97.

Was I wrong to panic?

She said she’s felt like this before and that she’s needed sugar or something to eat and ate something. I panicked again.

I have really bad anxiety :frowning:

She promised me ( I made her promise ) that if she felt this way again, she’d check her BS first then eat something!

Was a reading of 78 considered a hypo?

Thank you! I found the site as I was looking for something on the internet and couldn’t wait to sign up!
Was your Mom diagnosed by a doctor with the gastroparesis or was that a result of internet search? As I mentioned, I’ve never heard of it being related to diabetes. I was diagnosed and am being treated by a gastroenterologist who prescribed the med I mentioned. To diagnose it they did an MRI where they gave me a slice of bread (21 carbs!:crazy_face:) with some “radioactive” egg salad on it. Then they had me lie on the table with the machine above. On the screen I could watch the whole thing. Once the food hits your stomach it’s supposed to break up and dissipate in about 20 minutes. In my case, after 90 minutes it was still sitting in my stomach like a golf ball with a little dandruff flaking off!!
I have never had a problem with salads or raw vegetables but my Grandmother had diverticulitis and couldn’t handle them. I also don’t eat beans because of the carbs and gas! I do love corn on the cob but don’t eat it often. My father learned there’s a good reason for that…. When he was a teenager, he helped a neighbor clean out their septic tank. He said there were tons of whole kernels of corn floating around in the same condition they went in! Basically, they don’t digest well!!
Until you can talk to a gastroenterologist I would suggest she try eating some yogurt every morning or early in the day with some chopped fresh strawberries mixed in. Very good for digestion and low carbs as well!
I’ll be looking forward to hearing how she makes out. :hugs:

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Why did you first give sugar free chocolate ?
Especially with gastro, the follow on cookies were digested more slowly mixed with the chocolates.

Although nothing was actually required unless she was experiencing symptoms. Type 2s not on insulin rarely need to treat lows.

Everything you reported appears she is doing quite well.

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78 isn’t low in my book, but I understand that people might feel low from 78 if they are used to running high.
I don’t feel low unless I am under 60.
I won’t bother with carbs at all unless I’m under 70 and dropping.
Probably it’s better to keep some glucose tablets around for lows, or carb gels.
That way they likely won’t be used up when she needs them, like candy might.

even though she is well controlled, she in on a hypo inducing med. therefore 70 is the recommended minimum before you start adding sugar to bring it up. It acts as a buffer, so you don’t get down to real hypo numbers. If she wasn’t on a med that can cause a hypo, you wouldn’t give it a thought, as 45 is the official number for a female to hypo.

also google the FODMAPS diet for IBS, that has a list of don’t eat foods and will help gastroparesis

Except she’s on a sulfonyurea which can really drop a person’s BG.

Mother is on the way home from the doctor…

The NP that she see’s said that those 120’s, 130s,140s ,150s + are normal due to her glimipride wearing off in the mornings.

She showed him her book of all of her daily readings.

She was running normal a couple months ago… 120s, ( mid to high), and low 130s etc… Now its the 120s to 160’s!

He said the A1C is what counts.

I asked what about the low’s and he said 78 is normal.

I told her shes got a F******* quack! ( excuse the language)

He did not change her medication…

Do ya’ll buy this or should she find another doctor?

You need a doctor who you can trust and has a bedside manor that agrees with you.

78 is in the normal range. So is 140.

It looks like maybe she needs a slight med adjustment. Her numbers are not alarming to me.

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The only thing I didn’t see mentioned was the timing of when she eats. Does she eat or snack late? Like after 6pm? Or bedtime snacking? This can cause her to have elevated fasting readings. Late night snacking makes fasting numbers go up. And I agree, medical staff don’t worry about lows until it’s under 70. And when she runs low u want to give her real sugar like 15g of carb type foods, like skittles or starbursts, orange juice, etc. then wait 15 minutes and check her sugar again. Just FYI I love treating lows with skittles. Each skittle is worth 1g of carbs so I just grab a handful or 15 pieces and it brings my sugar up. When she just needs a little of a sugar boost, anything protein based will work. Peanut butter, a hard boiled egg, cheese, crackers, etc. Protein will raise and keep her BG steady while keeping her full. But I think her sugars look pretty good. No harm is done to her kidneys as long her sugars stay under 200. Under 130 for fasting or under 180, 2 hrs after meals are the target ranges. But stricter control would mean more BG testing throughout the day in order to monitor. Like before and after meals.

I would treat a 78 with glucose in this case. She is not on a sensor so you don’t know if she’s 78 and steady or dropping. If she’s craving, probably dropping. She should not be skipping lunch on the med she is on. Skipping meals can result in hypoglycemia on Amaryl.

I have type one and just diagnosed with gastroparesis. Your moms blood sugars are great mine go from very low to over 200. This is not what I am used to. My A1 C has been 7 for a long time but went up just before my diagnosis. How is she feeling should be your concern? Sounds like she is doing great. Having someone care is the most important.

You don’t treat lows with sugar free anything and not cookies but orange or apple juice, this brings a low bs up quickly add a carb and it should maintain the bs

Have some thing that will not be eaten otherwise.
Glucose tablets, carb gels, maple syrup in those little bottles.

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