A Gastroparesis question ( but read the disclaimer first)

This is a form of neuropathy. Neuropathy can happen in any muscles. Good luck. Nancy50

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We eat about 4 to 4:30 PM.

We hardly ever eat after 6 unless we’re at someone’s house.

Snacking: Sometimes, But I will let her know to not snack after 6

Fasting… Well with Gastroparesis her Fasting varies… 120’s sometimes… 130s… 140’s… Rarely above 140… But it does happen

But everyone is saying that 140 fasting BS is NOT alarming or concerning.

If you have digestive issues, I would be really careful and not eat most of the sugar free chocolate out there. Almost all of them contain sugar alcohols that cause digestive issues and in fact some people use them as a laxative. You can now find some that is sweetened with stevia or monk fruit that don’t cause those issues. Plus sugar free chocolate will not work for a low BG event.

Which brings me to the other more important thing. The best way to know and the easiest way, especially for someone that doesn’t want to check her BG levels by a fingerstick is to get her a Freestyle Libre2 CGM. Continuous Glucose Monitor. She might not qualify for insurance purposes although some insurance companies are starting to cover them for a type 2. But it gives you a continual reading and graph to look at. They run about $35 for a 14 day sensor without insurance. Invaluable if you can afford it.

I wouldn’t like a 140 am reading. But you have to take it into perspective. When you have stomach issues, it’s a lot harder to control your BG levels. It doesn’t sound like you are really doing anything wrong. So to make that number better for her in an off and on event might be really difficult. And as we get older the doctors like the safer higher numbers. If it was you and you are more interested I’d say you might be able to make changes to tighten it up all the time. But there again it’s not always so easy with stomach issues.

So personally I don’t think I would worry about her numbers.

My cost for the sensor is $60 for each at Walgreens. Nancy50

Costco, but you might have to be a member, is $35 for each 14 day sensor with no insurance. I wear them for snorkeling along with my Dexcom which insurance covers. Costco doesn’t have my insurance information because I don’t want it to foul up my Dexcom being covered. I have also heard that Good Rx has them at about the same price but personally have never gotten them through them…

It is most certainly one of the diabetic complications.

Diabetic gastroparesis (DGp) is a component of autonomic neuropathy resulting from long-standing poorly controlled type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

"Diabetic gastroparesis (DGp) is a component of autonomic neuropathy resulting from long-standing poorly controlled type 1 and type 2 diabetes."

I disagree that people with " poor control" have this burden happen to them.

Webmd says:

"Most people with gastroparesis have had [diabetes] for at least 10 years and also have other complications related to the disease."

Mother has had diabetes since 1996 or 1998 she cant remember which. And also my mother does have another complication… She’s got neuropathy.

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I agree with you that any diabetic complications can occur even with good BG management. The risk is less for those who maintain good control. That statement in the link betrays a bit of simplistic and prejudicial thinking. However, I posted the link because @Karen12 was unaware that Gastroparesis can be a diabetic complication.

Sure, mothers numbers have been okay for the last couple of months, but now mother is running high.

September Mornings: 146, --, --, --, 141, 170, 142, 145, 138, 148, 165, 116, 127, 180,
–, --, --, --, No more readings until 10/6

October Mornings: --, --, --, --. --, 181, 172, 174, 151, 150, 143, 166, 197, 203

Last night ( the 203) was because she was at her step moms next door, while I wasn’t home and her step mother asked mother to eat and mother declined but then wound up being pressured to eat anyways.

She does come down though… for instance the day of the 174 reading we took 4 readings that day

7:39 AM 174 ( We think she was high because I cooked “Egg Roll In A Bowl” for dinner the night before.
2:07 PM 187 ( thats because she ate some milk duds)
5:18 PM – 95

Egg Roll In A Bowl is basically everything in an egg roll, but with no wrapper… Hamburger, Cabbage, carrots, onion, garlic, etc etc. IT’S REALLY GOOOOOD!!!

I told ya’ll ( or at least I think I did ) that mother is waiting for her test strips to come in from TRICARE… Well, WE’RE STILL WAITING lol… Some how the package just stopped its journey in Memphis TN and hasn’t moved since. So TRICARE is sending out another package of strips in the mail. So I bought some RELI-ON strips at Walmart for the meantime.