A good book to read suggested by my Dr.:)

Hi All,
I think some of us fall in to a need to eat emotionally,habitually etc…
My Dr suggested a book that I am finding very helpful.
It is called : “Am I Hungry? What To Do When Diets Don’t Work” by Michelle May,M.D. with Lisa Galper, Psy.D and Janet Carr,M.S.,R.D.
It really explains alot about how diets don’t work and gives us the opportunity to stop dieting and get on with life.:slight_smile: I think you will find it a book that relieves you of some stress from the ever ending cycle of “I can’t eat that.” Or " I can only eat what is on this list."
Book cost? $15.95 is what it says on the back by the ISBN number. You might be able to find it at some of the lower priced outlets online. I’ve been greatly encouraged by what I’ve read so far.

I like Dr. Richard Bernstein, the link above is to one of his books that you can read on-line. He is the leader in research on LOW CARB dieting. He has been a type 1 since 1946. Interesting read