A good diabetic


Being recently diagnosed with type 2, I am spending a lot of my free time trying to educate myself about all of the many things I need to know in order to be, as my wife lovingly puts it, a good diabetic.

As I think about being a good diabetic, I can’t help but to feel a little awkward or to be honest, a little ashamed. About ten years ago, our family doctor told me that if I did not start taking better care of myself I would end up dying very young. Then he went on to say that he really didn’t care about me as much as my family and would hate to see my kids have to live without me. I saw him a few times after this and really didn’t feel that he was really working with me. A few years ago he left or was asked to leave the clinic where he was practicing. Rumor has it that he was asked to leave. In a not so nice way, I am happy that he left. But his comments are 100 percent correct. I could have avoided this!!

Since college, my weight has increased and my exercise has decreased. Diabetes is in my family history. Even though I knew the risk factors, I did nothing. As I said in my last post, I will act on this new warning sign!!!! But I just can’t get that doctor’s comments out of my mind. Why should people care about the fact that I have diabetes when I could have prevented it and I did nothing.

Well…..now that I have that out on the computer screen, I do feel better. Thanks for listening to me.

J, Helmuth


Hello… I am 32 years old and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes just last year (I was 31)… before… what I know is that, when you don’t have a family history (Diabetes), you won’t be having it… And I was wrong… with that belief… I didn’t give extra care to myself… I don’t watch what I eat and I seldom exercise…
looking back… all I could do now is ask myself- all the what if’s…
But well, this is the reality now, we have D- we want it or not, and we have to take care of ourselves to live a fuller life…