A good home delivery pharmacy

that can send me 3 months of supplies at a time? need help!

I have Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC

through them I can get 3 months of supplies - They call it MEDCO or something like that

Hi Kenny
I use BC and BS also but any of the insurances shoud be able to do it. Also the regular pharmacy you use should be able to offer you a package deal too. I think the store manager would be the one to talk to about it, If not, the pharmacy manager should be able to. If none of those work out for you, maybe try going on line to see which ones you would like to choose from. There are really loads of places that advertise, just choose with care. Good luck.

Kenny, I assume you are looking for a place to get your pump supplies… here are two places to check out: www.fifty50.com I used them for years and they give 50% of their profits to cure diabetes. For the past few years I have used Sterling Medical Services (they have a website, but their phone is 888-239-2990) - they really were able to work with me when my husband had a series of strange insurances, and I love the way they answer the phone right away (!) and they have all the pump supplies. If you want to try a new infusion set or something, they’ll call the doctor and get it for you.