A good reason to tell EVERYONE you have Diabetes

I remember a couple of discussions in the past here on TuDiabetes about revealing to your co-workers that you have Diabetes. I know that most of us have told the people that we work with…but if you are not sure if you should let everyone know, let me tell you a story:

I run a technology lab here in Phoenix for kids (ages 5 through 18). For the past few weeks one of the teens that comes to my program was carrying around a little stuffed pig. It was a really cheap little pig…like something won in one of those claw machines.

The kids thought it was funny that this 17-year-old was carrying around a stuffed animal. (I just work with teens…I have never claimed to understand them.) When the teens were in the gym playing basketball, I noticed that the little piggy had been left behind in my room…so I snatched it up and hid it in my office. For the rest of the week I sent anonymous ransom notes to the teen center. Of course, I’d include funny pictures of the pig with his mouth taped, or with funny notes about the smell of bacon, etc.

Eventually the kids filled all of the demands (I asked for bizarre things like an old receipt, a nickle older than 1977, etc). Then I revealed that I was the pig-napper.

We laughed.

Then today, I got an email with this picture in it:

That's my Rubix Cube!!! (On a side-note, I'm kind of proud to see that they feel comfortable enough working in Photoshop to make this image.)

When I went in to rescue my Rubix, a 15-year-old girl said, “They wanted to steal your lunch box, but I told them that your insulin was in there and you might die.”


Oh…bless her heart!

Pretty cool, kids know what’s going on. I hope you think of a good follow up.

Good story! I let everyone know I’m a diabetic. It’s not something that I’m ashamed of and it’s good protection for me in case something goes wrong.

Sounds like you really have a great relationship with these kids and this is what they really need. You are making such a positive impact on these kids which is awesome! I am glad that the kids knew not to take your insulin, then the fun would have ended. Now you have to think of the next round and keep this up with them :slight_smile:

Yeahhh you must be a great guyy! Story made me smile, really nice to know =)

That is so cute!

lol i cant believe you kidnapped the pig…

its funny where we put our stash. I carry my laptop in a backpack and I have my pills in the front pocket of the backpack. When I walk, the pills make that shaking sound that pill bottles make so every morning on my way to my desk I sound like a rattle.