A good workout video?

Do any of you know of a good workout video I can do at home, that isn’t too ambitious? I live in Iowa, which is like the frigid tundra right now, and there is no way I can go out to exercise, and as I’m still trying to find gainful employment, I can’t go getting a gym membership. Any ideas?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I liked Denise Austin’s walking videos. Each workout is a 15 minute mile and they are great if you are just getting started.

Thanks a lot! I just got it on eBay, for $5.98. :slight_smile: Looking forward to it.

I’ve started doing this workout video today, and it was wonderful! Not too many moves I couldn’t do myself, or extra equipment I don’t own… Plus it got my heart pumping, and going, in just 15 minutes… (which, if it weren’t, could be hard to commit to, if it was really long, arduous, and intricate, and one has some serious pounds to lose.) Nice choice. :slight_smile: Thanks again.

Awesome. I’m glad I could help. Hope you enjoy it and get some good results. :slight_smile:

Hey Lizmari. I bought a Wii and Wii fit. It’s got a lot of low impact exercises. I know that can be expensive to us all, but well worth it. U can buy different games for fitness. Wii Active, Wii Sport Resort. It had walking & running in place, Yoga, strenth training, Tennis, dancing, skating basketball bowling ect. I love it!

Leslie Sansone has walking videos out for older adults. The reason I tell u that is it gets your heartrate up pretty fast and its low impact. I have her dvd and its really good. When I say older I mean 50+ Its a good workout for 30-40 year olds too…lol good luck

Thanks damomma, and Anna! I definitely want to add some variety to my workout, with time… And I’ve considered a few options. I do have a Wii, already, so now I just gotta wait till I can afford to purchase Wii Fit, and the other accessories it needs. Yoga kind of worries me a bit, because at this weight, I just can’t bend in a lot of ways that yoga requires… but down the road, I definitely want to try it. The walking in place video Melissa recommended has been sooo good to me. I have so much more endurance now, since I first began using it. I do their toning section, too, and I have so much more muscle now… :slight_smile: It feels great. I’ll look Leslie Sansone up, too. :slight_smile:

I’ve used both Leslie Sansone and Denise Austin walking videos, and have enjoyed both. I do have to add on a funny note that my house was broken into on 09/25/08 and they took most of the dvds that were on the shelving unit next to the TV. The only ones they didn’t take were my Charlie Brown dvds which were actually on top of the shelf (or they just didn’t want them), and my Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds DVD set which was on a shelf just below the middle of the unit and was lift all alone by itself. I figure he either didn’t need it or knew who I was and thought I needed it a lot more than he did!!! It actually took away a little (very little) of the stress having all my jewelry and dvds stolen. Now, a year and a half later, the criminal case is still pending, and since I work in the county attorney’s office, it had to be “conflicted” out to another county to prosecute. The Judges have rejected two of the plea agreements (maybe because they know me??). Anyway, back to court on 4/20 and hopefully, something will be resolved. I do want to get back the few items they did recover and can’t until the case is resolved. At least he’s in prison for robbing another house in the neighborhood.