A guy walks into a bar

Now that I’ve got your attention, I hope. Nope, this isn’t a discussion about drinking (or not drinking).

If laughter is the best medicine, let’s get the smiles rolling. I know I get many smiles at TuD. I’ll read some people’s posts knowing their wit, scarcasm & good humor will be contagious.

So, post whatever you find amusing or what makes you laugh out loud.

Love it! Thanks!

I find it extremely amusing when people stare a hole through me when they are trying to figure out what the hell “that thing” clipped to my waistband/pocket is. When I remove my sweatshirt and they see the site in my arm that’s attached to a tube attached to “that thing” (i’ve been wearing it there a lot lately) the stares and inquisitions get really intense.

Favorite website. My husband and I subscribe to the rss feeds just for the laughs.
http://icanhascheezburger.com/ and a fav from that site…


Hilarious! Next time I’m in a bad mood, I know where to go. I woke my husband up to look at the hamster on the piano. He said it better be worth it. It was! Thanks for the laughs.

Yahoo News now:
community leaders in Shanghai unable to stop city residents walking outside in their pyjamas,have a look.

This is so cheerful,I Will copy it.Thanks Melissa

Sooo cute! Awwww.

So someone sent me this video, and it was so funny I had to post it on my blog. It’s a timely one, and very good advice for all of you guys out there. Check it out at http://crebbinfamily.blogspot.com/2008/12/for-you-husbands.html

LMAO! Clearly there is no modesty there, much like my puppy.

Oh yes, icanhascheezburger is one of my favorites. Never fails to make me laugh.

*Please tell me a muzzle comes with this thing.

These are all just too cute. Thank you Gerri for coming up with this idea. We have needed some humor.

Hi Saundra,

I can’t take credit. It was Manny’s idea.

Hope you’re doing well.

these four should put a smile on your face… (all babies laughing…)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tx1XIm6q4r4 (sadly, this gets stuck in my head…)

i don’t know why… but i ALWAYS laugh at these…


these are just a few of the videos that get me laughing… i’ll post more later.

These are great!

Too funny!

Toni, couldn’t get the link to work:(

Just cut and paste http://crebbinfamily.blogspot.com/2008/12/for-you-husbands.html instead of using the link. It’s a bit long, but worth it.