A guy walks into a bar

Now it’s working. I loved it! Thanks for sharing.

For some odd reason, since my computer was “fixed” I can’t cut & paste into the browser any more.

That mouse looks a bit full! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey nothing beats the Dramatic Chipmunk:


Why are rodents so hilarious on film and then you meet them in real life and they’re all “squeak, squeak, gimme some cheese” and “lemme chew through your electrical cables?”

Thanks, Renee, I am a cat lover and this made my day!

Wish I had them digitally to share. Know someone with a pet rat & she sends me cards with the rat dressed up according to the occasion. I about pee every time I get them. This year for Halloween she was dressed in a tiny witch costume with an itty brooom. For Valentine’s Day, yes, she was Cupid. I’ve got to get her to send them to me so I can post them here. Yea, it’s weird, but hilarious!


nothin wrong with funny baby videos haha


Great one!

Rolled on the floor over the dog house one, too.

that was hilarious!!! thanks for sharing

tell them it is a cybernetic implant you implanted because you are trying to become a borg.

this is my favorite video of all time…


A rabbi, a priest, and a minister walk into a bar, and the bartender says, “what is this, some kind of joke?”


Hope you like this one too then, Dov!

A rabbi, a priest, and a minister are driving along when they feel a bump in the road. Thinking they’ve hit something, they stop the car and get out to find they’ve hit a bunny rabbit. The minister slaps it on the forehead and shouts, “Be healed!” Nothing happens. Lifeless bunny. The priest sprinkles some holy water over the bunny and says a quiet Latin prayer. Still nothing. Lifeless bunny. The rabbi takes a little bottle of tonic out of his coat, sprinkles it over the rabbit, and it hops to life, springing away a few steps and turning around and waving goodbye. He hops a few more steps and repeats the wave. Hop, hop, hop. Wave. Hop, hop, hop. Wave. The other two men gaze in astonishment. “What was in that bottle, Rabbi?” “Ah, this?” he answers, “hair restorer with a permanent wave.”

So I’m sitting at the bar in this restaurant, right? And in walks this panda. Waddles up to the bar on TWO legs, seats himself on a stool and orders the special. I’m sitting there basically freaking out as the panda finishes his dinner, wipes his mouth, and gets up from the bar. From outta nowhere, he whips out this gun and blows a hole through the poor sap on the other side of him! Then, like nothing, he’s out the door. I look up and the bartender is totally unfazed.

“What the heck, man?” I say, “shouldn’t we call somebody? 911? the zoo or something?”

“Oh no, it’s alright,” he responds, wiping down his countertop, “Normal behavior. Don’t you know a panda eats shoots and leaves?”

Why?? is he just humourless? :slight_smile:

This is one of my favs. Got it from Diabetic Rock star…

Three guys(a regular Joe Blow,a musician, and a diabetic) walk into a bar.

The J.B. orders a beer.
The musician orders a scotch on the rocks.
The diabetic orders a diet coke.

Half a dozen beers later,the J.B. climbs up on the the bar and begins belting out a drunken melody. Soon, people begin to leave the bar. More people leave, until only the musician, the diabetic, and the bartender remain. The J.B. changes his pitch, and the musician claps his hands over his ears and rushes out. Only the diabetic remains, and he calmly finishes his diet coke, seemingly unfazed by the horrible caterwauling. Eventually, the J.B. gets tired of singing and shuffles out of the bar. The bartender asks the diabetic why he didn’t leave.

“Wrong type of key tone” replies the diabetic.

(my very own extremely lame diabetes joke)

wonderful. truly wonderful.

A colleague raised this squirrel… I noticed a rodent trend, and not everyone is posting jokes… This is so cute.