A hateful newspaper article

So, I am used to all the rubbish propagated in the media about diabetes and I really shouldn’t get mad anymore.

But this week an article appeared which managed to push all the usual prejudice buttons (e.g. all diabetics are morbidly obese lazy slobs and only morbidly obese lazy slobs get diabetes) - and it was not even about diabetes at all.

The link is here.

Article summary:

Obesity rates have quadrupled in the past 25 years – one in four adults are now overweight. But as demand for treatment grows, hospital budgets are shrinking. In the first of three reports on the pressures facing the NHS, Amelia Gentleman talks to doctors and patients at one of the UK’s busiest diabetes clinics.

When I saw the summary I thought it looked interesting so clicked on the article. Big mistake!

Lila, I think you maybe reading into it too much there! Diabetes is a common thing in obese people and this article was about an obese clinic. So they will be mentioning Diabetes is it.

I read the article, and it’s not really about diabetes at all. It mentions the word simply because obese people are being treated in a diabetes clinic. And unfortunately, doesn’t even mention the fact that people can be severely or morbidly obese without having diabetes at all.

The doctor they interviewed was very sympathetic, and I felt his frustration at not being able to treat his patients appropriately, and mentioned that diabetes medications can increase weight gain, which is true. But the article really didn’t say much of anything about diabetes.

The article didn’t make me angry, because I was thinking about it more from the viewpoint of those poor people suffering painfully from morbid obesity, with no one to help them, and facing a life of increasing invalidism along with discrimination and disdain from society. So it makes me very sad. No one want to help obese people, because of extreme prejudice against them, and complete lack of knowledge about the causes, and what IS known, which is that the simplistic “eat less, move more” (ELMM) brushoff is totally inadequate and ineffective.

I really wish we as a society could see a human being as just that, and not be judgmental because they were cursed with a screwed up metabolism!