A hex on your psychic abilities

some people may think this sounds a little crazy, but it’s all very true, so just go with me for a moment. the women in my family have a bit of a tendancy toward profetic dreams and unforunately this morning i had a minor one that wwas both annoying and true. as i waas immerging from the lull of sleep i had a brief flash of my meter saying 208. i woke up and said, “so help me if it’s 208 when i check it…” missed the mark by one point. it was 209. seems that i never see anything that makes me happy in these dreams.

i do have proof to back up my profetic women claim. when my mother was living in germany with my father rounds about the time my older brother was born, she was taking a nap on the couch and had a dream that my father was in a car accident. not long after, she got a call from the hospital telling her that just that very thing had happened. it wasn’t a bad accident or anything, the only lasting effects for my father were some scars on his face from where the windshield cut him.

of course this makes me pause and wonder. if we really can see things that will happen, boy oh boy. because apparently that means that i’ll be marrying the man who did my scarification. hrm…