A Journey of a Thousand Miles

"A Journey of a Thousand Miles

Begins with one step."

My story begins with the unhealthy eating habits of a teen. I was never really over weight. It eventually catches up with you and mine did when having children. That is when I gained enough to be termed obese. I had never had such a weight issue before and was at a loss. I felt tired all the time. My first health issue was high blood pressure. Here I can say if only what I know now I knew then and worked on losing weight. I was too lost in my own misery. That misery I realize now found comfort in food. I did my best to eat lower sodium. Rice and Pasta. Having no idea the damage I was doing to my body. Didn’t have the best medical care through insurance at the time. I had no idea that I should have timely blood work. After 1 1/2 years they did blood work and that is when it was discoverted I had elevated liver enzymes. The only thing that was ever checked was for Hep C. Perhaps 4 times, had an ultra sound which showed scarring. The only thing the doctor asked if I was drinking. I live a very sober life. I had asked to be checked for thyroid and diabetes. I wanted to make a change in BP medications but she said NO. I went to a specialist for my liver and of course they wanted to do a biopsy. I was so afraid and requested to have BP changed and see if this helped lower the enzymes. During this time of changeing medications I had a cyst on my tailbone that had to be removed. I almost could not go through the surgery because my liver enzymes were now extremely elevated. The doctor approved the surgery but while recovering I made a decision to go off BP medications and get control of ME.n
When insurance changed I left as fast as I could. My medical records results did not have any tests but the Hep C. Truthfully I avoided anything medical for a long time. Took the popular Atkins route. Both my BP and liver enzymes floated in to normal ranges. This is where my roller coaster comes in…Consistency is the key and it has been difficult to not drift away. Just a bit of a drift becomes a big one.
Eventually I was on a runaway train. Yeast infections and a lump in my breast. I finally went to my PCP and then onward to a surgeon then oncologist. Not once through all my treatments although I complained was my Diabetes treated. Afterwards my BG fasting was near 500. I was given the neccasary instruments ( Accucheck) to keep tabs. I discovered how to eat on my own. Thus I really began my health journey finally with much success. Discovery all on my own. I am on my third regression of what works. 264 BG last night and Yeast infection. Feeling miserable but it’s kicked me back to do what is right.

My struggle is that I don’t know what is best. Diet alone I know would be best. Just not sure if an answer is in a pill to live more normally. Even though I don’t think how we eat is good for our bodies.