A Joyful but Heavy Heart

A Joyful but Heavy Heart

Today I am writing with a heavy heart, because yesterday central Indiana sustained a rare fall outbreak of tornados. The news anchors are reporting about 40 tornados touched down. This was an uncommon storm; it is unusual because typically we see this kind of storm outbreak in the spring. It is terrible both because of the timing but also because of loss life in Illinois. I hope readers here will understand that in addition to having a heavy heart, I am joyful for the fact that my immediate family is all ok, and we did not sustain any damage. With that said let me explain a bit.

First this was a major outbreak of weather activity that affected at least seven states. It appears that the loss of life occurred in Illinois, where reports of 5 or 6 dead are circulating. This seemed to strike the upper mid Illinois area. I hope our site members in the path of this storm in all states did were not hurt and that none if our members had significant damage to their property. Again my family and I are fine.

In Indiana the damage was widespread and sustained. Lebanon Indiana took a direct shot destroying about 20 homes, as did Lafayette where the Subaru plant took a direct hit. Washington IN also took a direct hit as did Tipton, where at least two schools were damaged, to the point where classes will have to be relocated when the school reopens tomorrow. In Indianapolis the historically significant Irvington bank was destroyed. The 110 year old former post office building was destroyed. It took away part of our history and destroyed a beautiful building. Here is a video link that explains the Irvington Post office damage:


My home town of Kokomo IN, also took a direct hit. A fire station was destroyed; two malls were hit hard, as were random houses, an apartment complex and a other significant structures including the Chrysler foundry which has been in the community for many years. Here are some links to explain damage in my beloved community of Kokomo IN:


It also hit Tipton In where an industrial building was hit and several schools were slammed. It appears that at least two schools will have to be relocated in order to hold classes tomorrow. Here are some pictures of the storm itself. You will see funnel clouds, heavy cloud cover, but also beautiful rainbows.:


Most of these are pictures were taken by armatures. Yes I don’t get it, if I saw a storm coming I would take shelter not take pictures. So I hope you understand that today I have a heavy heart and that I am joyful at the same time. It could have been worse. But it was bad none the less. I hope each of us will be thankful today and perhaps pause to remember those who are not.



Note to readers I will not be blogging on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. It will be the first time I have missed since I started. But tomorrow morning I have an early all day meeting and Wednesday when I get to see three doctors. You can’t beat seeing three doctors in one day. I doubt anyone will miss it, but know I am just fine I will resume my blog on Thursday.

Rick, when I saw this on the news, I immediately thought of you. Terrible destruction. The planetary balance is going whacky.
Hope all the appts go well. Is your crater all healed?

Kathy, the crater is still there, but it is getting better. I am stuffing about half the silver gauze int that I was at first. So I am making good progress with it filling in. On of my appointment son Wednesday is at the wound center so we will see for certain, but I think thing are going very well.

Hi Rick. This storm caused really terrible, extensive damage, with loss of life. I'm sorry about the damage in Indiana, where you and your family live. I'm glad that you all were safe. My father was born in Indiana over a hundred years ago. I've seen the house in which he was born; I hope it is still standing today.

Here in my area there was also a lot of damage--for instance, to one of our Metroparks. In my own yard we lost branches, but no trees were downed--always a concern for us since we are surrounded by old oak trees, close to our house. Lots of rain and wind, though. I'm glad it's over, and that my family members were also safe.

glad ur safe rick my 1st thought was u when I heard it

So glad you are safe. Here in sunny Queensland they had hail the size of golf balls, damage is in the millions, as I am sure it is where your tornadoes hit.

Wishing you and your family, and community best wishes.

I too am very glad to read you are doing ok, Rick.

The loss of life was very saddening.

Sending you a BIG HUG, brother!!

Oh my gosh Rick! So glad you're safe!

Blessings on all. I grew up in tornado alley and remember well the sirens and the weird color of the sky and the absolute stillness as we headed down to shelter in the basement. Very much an imprint for life. The nearest community flattened was about 10 miles from our home and I was about 12......Truly, blessings.....

This picture was shot by an amateur photographer in a community just west of my home town of Kokomo. It is very difficult to see this photo, knowing now about the eventual destruction this storm caused in the City of Kokomo. I no longer live in the City of Kokomo, I live about 35 miles to the south in a City named Noblesville. So I was completely safe but obviously the City of Kokomo and her people are part of my consciousness and yes I do love her.

Again this is the picture of the tornado which was part of the storm that eventually did such awful damage in my home town.


Hey Rick!! Thank God you and your Family are okay. My heart sank when I heard it was in your state as I mentioned you to my Hubby. He was concerned also and sends his Best to you.

The videos and photos are terrifying. So sorry to hear of your home town also.

Wonderful to hear that you are okay too Trudy. :)

Thanks, Terrie. According to our newspaper, there were five medium-sized tornadoes in our NW Ohio area. Since our house doesn't have a basement, tornadoes are always scary!

Rick, I am so glad to hear you and yours are safe and sound. I have never actually heard reference to the town of Kokomo, Indiana except for the other day on the radio as they discussed the tornados. We were all abuzz in the chat room and your post put us more at ease. While you do not think anyone will muss your daily blogs, I for one will. I hope your appointments go well, and I agree, nothing better than knocking 3 of them off the list in one day :) be well.